Cannot install **any** packages



I installed Atom on Windows 8.1 (64bit) using Chocolatey, and made sure it is the most up-to-date version. I tried installing a few packages using APM in Git Bash (which does not recognize APM as a command). Thankfully it was recognized on command prompt, so I used that, and got a gyp error. Which is unsettling, since I am a Node.js developer and already have Visual Studio, Git, Python 2.7 etc. installed. So I tried using the settings menu inside Atom itself to install packages, and I’m still getting the gyp error. So I re-installed everything, Atom, Chocolatey, Git, Visual Studio, Node, Python, even Github for Windows, and tried the whole process again and I’m still getting the errors. I am running in Administrator mode. The gyp errors themselves are not helpful (this is the entirety of the error trace):

gyp error

What can I do from here, to ensure everything works as it should? Is there a way to see a more helpful error trace?

Installing packages fails on compiler tools

Is it possible you’re behind a firewall that disallows https calls?
I have that in public hotspots sometimes.
Can you reach any of the url’s shown if you type them into a browser or something?

Edit: Although http status 200 should be fine, I guess.
There must be more output before this extract, can you show us the whole thing?


No proxies or firewalls. This is my home internet connection. And I promise you, that is the whole output - I enter apm install xyz and i get that.


@kevinsawicki Any ideas?


win8 64 but node detects win32?
maybe python27 is installed as 32bit version?


This is exactly why I’m confused, everything I’ve installed that had the option of either 32 or 64 bit, I always went with the 64 bit. I’ve used node-gyp successfully on numerous occasions for the last year and a half, for more projects than I can even count on my fingers, but these packages just refuse to work :confused:


Mind opening up a new issue on the apm repo with the output you are seeing as well as the output of apm -v.

I’m not sure what is going on, can you try deleting your C:\Users\<you>\.atom\.node-gyp and C:\Users\<you>\.atom\.npm and running again?


Had this problem on Linux plattform after some build issues, but after deleting the .atom dir in my $HOME I got it to work. Not sure about the windows plattform. Is the settings in appdata?


I experienced the same issue. I have already submitted an issue here:

I will try rogernordqvists workaround and see if it works.