Cannot git commit from Atom Editor


I’m trying to commit from the Atom Editor to my repo hqx-craft. But when I click Commit, there is absolutely no confirmation and the changes are not shown on GitHub.

The below image is before clicking Commit. The desired changes in the commit are shown in the editor.

After clicking Commit, the staged changes list is cleared, and the green folders turn gray. It appears the commit is successful, but there is no obvious confirmation.

But checking the GitHub page shows that nothing has changed! Then the commit failed somehow? The editor didn’t show an error. I am utterly confused :confused:

Yes, I set my Git email (to my GitHub noreply).
And yes, I admit the master branch is protected.


After you commit, you need to push your changes to GitHub. There should be a 1 next to the up arrow.


Thank you! But shouldn’t it tell you that you have to do this?


This is the standard Git workflow - committing only saves the changes to your local branch, not the one on Github. Pushing pushes all your local commits to Github.

Perhaps in the future a tutorial can be added for people who are new to Git.