Cannot get tewi-font to work


I usually use a tewi-font in the text editors
it is a bdf font which I cannot get to work with atom
I tried both ‘tewi’ and ‘tewi-normal-11’ as font-family but it wouldn’t ever load


Can you load the font in a web page using font-family? If so, you should be able to use the same name in the Atom font field.


No… I’ve did some googling and bdf fonts don’t seem to be possible to load in to CSS environment
So I have to find an alternative or convert this one to ttf :expressionless:


TL;DR I fear the only option for you is to find an alternative.

From wikipedia:

The Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format (BDF) by Adobe is a file format for storing bitmap fonts.

I cant see a simple way to convert a bitmap font (especially a small one like tewi) into a vector one without getting an ugly result.
And, in this day and age, with retina and 4k display, bitmap fonts are mostly useless anyway. As they are not scalable a browser can’t do much with it (and Atom use a browser engine).
I have no proof to backup that assertion, but I think there never was a browser that supported bitmap fonts.

You might get some approaching results by removing all anti-aliasing in the text editor and finding a font that has the same feature as tewi, but I wouldn’t bet much on that.


Conversion from bdf to ttf/otf just couldn’t work, I tried quite a bit of things and it would always end up having empty fontset.

So then I went ahead and searched bitmap alternative and tried out Terminus. 8/9px would just look too small - no font size would look good

Now I found something called Inconsolata, looks pretty good in my opinion - not a bitmap font, but looks alright

Anyhow, thanks for support