Cannot get configuration to work


I have a package that I cannot add configuration settings to. (Contrary to the myth it is ok to end a sentence with a proposition). The package works fine so I know the package.json is ok. I cut the file down to this and I still don’t see anything in settings …

module.exports =
      type: 'boolean'
      default: no

  activate: ->

Any idea what could cause this to fail? I have many other packages with no problem. It might have something to do with switching to 189.

Ubuntu 14.04
atom 189
apm 0.157.0
npm 2.5.1
node 0.10.35
python 2.7.6
git 1.9.1


I’m sure you did, but just in case: did you remove the activationCommands in package.json? Can’t think of anything else…


As a non-native speaker I jumped at the opportunity and found this:

Thank you, Mark, for giving me the chance to learn something new today.