Cannot get atom to show me something I want


Hello, I am new to programming and have encountered a trivial but important problem which I need someone experienced to look at.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Atom version: Latest

**The arrow in the rd circle in not appearing. As a result I am unable to switch between tree view as per my needs. **
I would be grateful if someone helps me with the problem.



  1. First step - see if you can toggle the tree view from the Command Pallet:
    ctrl-shift-p … ‘Tree View: Toggle’.

  2. Next - see if you can use the short-cut (indicated on the Command Pallet).

  3. After start Atom in safe mode.
    win-r >> ‘cmd’ (command prompt)
    – ‘C:\Users\ yourName \AppData\Local\atom\atom.exe --safe’
    – When Atom opens, do step 1 and 2 again unless the tree view opens as you expect.
    – Open a directory in the Tree.
    – See if normal open of tree view works.

  4. Test again in normal mode (without the safe hack).

Please report your findings here for others to contribute.