Cannot get atom-runner package working with Go program

I saw there was a keybind conflict between atom-runner and the rename function of go-plus, so I overridden the keybinding in the keymap.cson file like this:

‘.platform-win32 atom-text-editor, .platform-linux atom-text-editor’:
‘ctrl-shift-F10’: ‘run:file’

I saw that nothing else was using this key binding so I thought this would work, however when I hit that key binding, nothing happens.

Any ideas?

Unfortunately it‘s impossible to tell from your post. Please put your keybindings in a code block (you can use the </> button above). CSON us a indentation-sensitive format, so it‘s important for us to know how exactly your code is formatted.

The following works fine for me.

'.platform-win32 atom-text-editor,  .platform-linux atom-text-editor':
  'ctrl-shift-f10': 'run:file'

So it looks to me like it must either have been your indentation (which we cannot tell from ill-formatted snippet) or the lowercase F10 (your example uses uppercase).

thanks i have resolved it now, I put 2 spaces instead of a tab :slight_smile: