Cannot find the "Buffer"


Use Case:
Open a file in Atom.
Search the open file for a string.

I have seen software that has a find function for this.

In Atom, the find feature has a relationship to something called “Buffer

I just want to look in the open file, not the buffer.

Also, what is the buffer?


The buffer contains the text of the open file.


Sorry for the brevity of my previous answer. I believe I was short on time. I should have added that, if you want to take a look at how Atom implements the TextBuffer object, which is its internal implementation of a buffer to hold the file in memory (which is the proper computer sciencey term for an open text document), by opening the developer tools (View -> Developer -> Toggle developer tools), going to Console, and entering atom.workspace.getActiveTextEditor().buffer. That will produce a representation of all the properties of the TextBuffer object, and you can browse around in it and see where your text is stored.