Cannot find module



Trying out Atom for the first time today (I’m looking for a Typescript editor for my Ionic 2 / Angular 2) projects. I have tried Webstorm but wanted to give Atom a go too. I have dragged my project into Atom but I immediately get “cannot find module” errors i.e

the first line of one of my .ts files is:

import {Page, NavController, ViewController} from 'ionic/ionic';

and I get an error of “cannot find module ionic/ionic” against this line,

I didn’t get these errors in Webstorm. Do I have to configure Atom in some way to get this to work ?


Atom doesn’t build, compile or even statically check code out of the box. I’m not sure where you would be getting these error messages from? Do you have some package that promises to compile your TypeScript code?


Thanks. I’m not sure I’m following you though? I have Typescript configured in Atom. Atom is compiling my Typescript ok - apart from this module error and I’m not exactly sure why? Webstorm compiled the Tyoescript ok without the error?


How do you have TypeScript configured in Atom? Are you trying to write a package with it? Are you writing something that is for use on a website?


Did you run apm install afterwards?

Edit: I was assuming your project was an Atom package. If not then ignore this.


hi - yeah, I did. The ts files are compiling into js files ok - its just the error on that module I’m getting.


As in here:


You may want to post an Issue on the package’s repository if it is not working for you.