Cannot find Atom after Installaton


Hello, I cannot find Atom after installation (Windows10, 64-bit). After installing Atom (which I’ve done 3 times), I initially see the icon in the taskbar and the program launches. However, if I close the atom program/window, I don’t see it listed amongst the Windows programs or on the desktop. I do see it listed when I open control panel and view the install/uninstall programs. Rebooting the computer and reinstalling Atom did not help. Thus, every time I need to use Atom I have to reinstall it all over again. Any insight as to why this is happening and how to remedy?


Atom installs into the %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/atom/ directory. As with most programs, you can activate it from the command line or Run dialog using the command atom, and I suggest that you pin the icon to the taskbar for easy access.