Cannot build atom on Win10, error: node.exe: bad option: --harmony_collections


I tried to compile atom on Windows 10 x64.
And I have got python 2.7.10(x86), node 4.4.5(x64) installed already.
But when I execute script\build command, I got this:

Node: v4.4.5
npm: v2.13.3
Python: v2.7.10
Installing build modules…
=> Took 4582ms.

Installing apm…
=> Took 1535ms.

Deleting old packages…
node.exe: bad option: --harmony_collections

D:\Dev\GitHub\atom>node --version

D:\Dev\GitHub\atom>npm --version

D:\Dev\GitHub\atom>apm --version
apm 1.9.2
npm 2.13.3
node 0.10.40
python 2.7.10
visual studio

I tried search on existed issues and on google, but still not find any solution.

I got confused and have no idea on what to do next.
Can anybody help me get out of this problem please?


Did you install one of the versions of Visual Studio listed in the build instructions? If so, which version?