Cannot boot Markdown Preview on Ubuntu17.10



I can write markdown on Atom.
But I cannot use Markdown Preview.

Although I have not changed Markdown Preview settings,
When using ctrl+shift+m or Packages -> Markdown Preview -> Toggle Preview, the preview tab is not booted.

Does anyone know a similar issue?


Is the open file saved as .md?


Thank you for your reply.
Yes. I saved the file .md.


When you look at the bottom of the Atom window, do you see that the file is recognized as a markdown file?


(or GitHub Markdown)


Yes, this is Markdown.
I gazed the behavior. when I use Markdown Preview, it seems that the preview tab boot at a moment.
I think I should check Atom logs. however I have no idea about the logs.
Could you please tell me the log location if you know?


Yes. This is Markdown. also if the type is GitHub Markdown, the behavior is same.


Hmm, strange.
I have been able to use Markdown Preview after i open dev tool console and close it…


Just in case, I rebooted OS. Markdown Preview is working normally after the rebooting.
I cannot find root cause… but,
Thank you both for helping me!