Cannot add Photos


Helloo, I have some question, i try to run simple Program for add photos in Atom but its not working, i already add my photos and source code in the same folder. In IDLE Python its not working too. Can you tell me how and why? Thank you.

My Atom Package:

autocomplete-python by autocomplete-python
emmet by emmetio
script by rgbkrk


You’ve asked the same question in two different threads, and I provided an answer in the other one. Let’s keep the conversation to that thread to reduce clutter.


Based on some research I just did, I believe I was partially mistaken. Yes, the cwd thing in the other thread is in play here, but there’s also a quirk in the functioning of the library itself. This tutorial provides a suggestion about what’s really wrong and how to fix it. Apparently Tkinter’s ability to handle images is limited to very specific formats, and an additional library is required to read assets like png files.