Can you use Atom with


I need to edit files on remote servers. Currently only Coda on macOS does this. But I am considering to buy from Panic so that I can mount disks and edit those files with Atom.

Has anyone else successfully done this? And is it reliable?


Atom also has some FTP Packages available.

Here are a couple that are developed actively, maybe one of them will help your efforts.

Regarding Transmit, it should be fine. You can set your Editor of choice in Transmit, see the following:

I would suggest downloading the Transmit trial and test to see if it fits your requirements with Atom.


It works, it basically adds your remote folder like a volume, pretty much like WebDAV works. So yes, you can use every software on your computer to edit files on this mapped FTP drive.

Personally I experienced some timeout issues, but I blame them on my server. It never bothered me enough to look into it.