Can we make Atom more lightweight?


I was a Eclipse user, and am now looking for an text editor to do some web development.

I am comparing Atom vs Brackets vs Sublime Text vs MS Visual studio code.

I have not tested all the features, but one thing I immediately notice is that Atom has the largest size. It takes around 300MB on my Windows 7.

It is even bigger than my Eclipse IDE that takes only 180 MB after installation.

Brackets uses the similar techs and set up with Atom, but its size is only around 90MB after installation.

I know disk space is plenty these days. But I still can not quit understand why Atom takes more than Eclipse.

I mean there might be a need to refine the editor and make it more lightweight.

I really like the UI of Atom, and want to use it. But the size of the Atom gives me the feeling that the editor still has lots of work to do to clean up and reduce the redundancy.


So the performance isn’t an issue? The amount of RAM it uses isn’t an issue? Just the amount of space on disk?


I have not tested the performance. Just had a look at the RAM. Atom seems to take less RAM than Brackets?

Do you use more disk caches to reduce the memory footprint?


Not that I know of. The disk caching that goes on is more to prevent having to recalculate things, like the compile cache for Node modules. But that isn’t stored in the application directory.