Can we create a virtual drive ( just like c:)


we want to create a tool for sync pc data to the cloud. it is better we can create a driver for like C: for this specific purpose and use can easily find the data source.

it is possible by using electron ?


No, you can’t write a disk driver based on Electron.


thanks for quick response.

then can we make the look of the system directory/file icon a little bit different ? just want to show some status on them…


Your question is very vague, can you provide a screenshot to help explain what you’re hoping to achieve?


as you can see we want to have a green mark on the directory to show that directory has been synced


If you want to display icon overlays in Windows Explorer windows you’d need to write a Shell Extension (or use one of the existing ones, and on OS X you’d write a Finder Sync Extension. This is not something you can do in Electron.


thanks for the info. Anyway, Electron is good enough even without such support :smile: