Can someone direct me to a good walkthrough installing / configuring electron on windows 10



I’m new to electron and I’m looking for a detailed walkthrough showing how to install / configure electron for windows 10. What I’ve seen so far seems to be out of date.

thanks in advance,


Electron doesn’t require installation for development. You just configure it and open the Electron executable and it runs your scripts.

What leads you to believe that the existing documentation is out of date?


Turns out my troubles were initially as I previously mentioned. Code examples / fragments contain older version calls and typos which making the learning process extremely frustrating. I guess since electron is a cross platform product and apart of other software (module) it makes it hard to document its features and how they might be different on differing systems. I spent quit sometime trying to get IPC working by the example given and only today found out it would have worked from the get go if the code fragment didn’t include a console.log on the rendering side which didn’t work. Once I got rid of that and added some standard DOM innerhtml it worked perfectly.

Now to get on with the rest…


If any of these are part of the official documentation, you should open an issue in the Electron repo.


Or simply a Pull Request with the documentation fix :grinning:


I’m assuming that someone looking through the documentation to learn how to do Electron doesn’t have sufficient mastery of the API to submit that request.