Can project be save in a separated file?


I have installed project-manager and I opened a folder as project.
The project is saved in ~/.atom/projects.cson.
Can I save it into a separated file so that I can copy the project to other computer?


If you have a question about a specific package, you might get faster answers if you contact the maintainers of the package. The Atom FAQ has information on how to contact the maintainers of any Atom community package or theme.


This is a slightly more complicated answer than you were probably expecting.

  1. No. You cannot change where Project Manager saves its projects except by editing the package’s code.

  2. Yes. However, you can make a project.cson file elsewhere on your hard drive and create a symbolic link from there to your .atom/storage directory. Then when Project Manager saves to .atom/storage, your file system looks at the symbolic link and sees where the real file is stored, but…

  3. You really don’t want to. If you’re talking about moving the project folder from one computer to a flash drive or Dropbox or whatever and then dropping it on another computer, bringing the project.cson along for the ride, it would be kind of awkward to have all of your other stored projects ported over, unless you had a big projects folder and wanted them all to come along. And if you did share projects.cson, it wouldn’t actually have any data about what tabs you have open, just about the path, icon, whether to open in dev mode, etc.

You need to clarify what it is you hope to accomplish. If you want to synchronize the state of a project across multiple computers, you’d need to share the editor- in .atom/storage that corresponds with the project path (and have the exact same path and OS). If all you want is to have an entry in Project Manager for the same project on two computers, the easiest way would be to copy that specific section of project.cson into a separate text file and add it to the project.cson on the destination computer.