Can not scroll editor view using keyboard


In sublime text, you can scroll editor view by press Ctrl-Up/Ctrl-Down, but in atom, you only do it by mouse wheel. I think it is a must have feature.


Hey, there are the events core:page-down and core:page-up

so you could add

  "ctrl-up": "core:page-up"
  "ctrl-down": "core:page-down"

to your keymap.cson!


Hi, there is no method to scroll by one line (e.g. core:line-up).


Hi! Sorry, i apparently misunderstood something. I checked the functionality of ctrl-{up,down} in Sublime and it seemed to be page-{up,down}.

I didn’t realise you needed to be able to scroll by line.



This is a helpful feature.


I don’t understand how could this feature be omitted!
It’s in CodeMirror by default and even Brackets have that!


You can always submit a PR if you think it needs to be in there by default.


Yea I think it is important to remember that Atom is still very young, heavy development still ongoing etc.
This is not really a “must-have”, but it is one of the many many nice-to-have features which will surely be added over time…

And as @leedohm says, as this is an open-source piece of software, everyone is invited and encouraged to help add all of these features, either via PRs for small additions like this, or otherwise via separate packages.


I made a package to replicate this functionality. Tested on Windows.

While I agree that this should be the default, I think the default Ctrl-Up/Down behaviour is pretty cool.


Thanks so much. I used this constantly in webstorm, sublime, and every other editor I’ve ever used.


Add the following to your keymap.cson

'atom-workspace atom-text-editor:not(.mini)':
   'ctrl-up': 'ctrl-dir-scroll:scroll-up'
   'ctrl-down': 'ctrl-dir-scroll:scroll-down'

Find your keyman.cson via ctrl+shift+p and search for keymap.


Add the following to your keymap.cson

Isn’t that the original behavior?



Oh sorry I see what you’re talking about. I copy&pasted the wrong code. I’ve edited it now.

If you mean the behavior of the package ctrl-dir-scroll, yes except it used ctrl+alt+up / ctrl+alt+down. Also I prefer to copy&paste that code into my keymap.cson rather than install a whole package for such simple feature.


It worked well at first sight,
Of course, needed to install ctrl-dir-scroll !