Can not move cursor to the end of line


When I move the cursor to the end of line, it can only reach here (between two brackets), how can I move after the right bracket? like use A in vim ?


I think this is caused by some external package.

Does it happen for specific files only (let’s say, just for Coffee files), or is it related to every file?
What happens if you run the editor:move-to-end-of-line command from the command palette?

If you want to be sure about what’s causing it, you could start atom in safe mode and see if the issue shows up.


all kinds of files

And the command editor:move-to-end-of-line doesn’t help, it also only reach there

I start atom in safe mode, everything is ok. And how to find out which package causes this issue? test them one by one?


If you have a reasonable number of packages or a suspect list to start from, you could enable packages one by one and check which one raises the problem.

Edit: it just popped out in my head that you can also give a try to the key binding resolver (ctrl + .). Enable it, then try to reach the end of line and see if a different command from core:move-left is fired.
Re-edit: it could be good to add a category for the thread, like support, just to keep things tidy :wink:


thanks a lot

I finally found out that it is caused by use vim-mode and vim-mode-plus at the same time