Can not install the stable version back again


First, when updated to the latest beta version, It can not install the stable version back again;

Second, I open some files with multiple pane view, But when I open a new file which is already opened in another pane, it opened again in the current pane I just focused.If the Atom can check whether the file is opend, and just let the pane active.


There is a setting for this when opening from the tree-view available in Atom 1.9. In the tree-view package settings check the “Always Open Existing” option.


You are not giving us much information at all. What operating system are you running, how did you perform the update, and what errors are you getting when you try to install the stable version?

I’m pretty sure you actually just have both versions of Atom on your computer but the actual atom command or shortcut is pointing to the beta binary. I can’t tell you where to look unless you tell me what OS you’re on.



My former Atom is v1.1.0, and this afternoon I install the beta version v1.8.0;

But I found that the beta is running slowly than the atom v1.1.0, So I reinstall the v1.1.0 downloaded from the Atom web page. but every time I open the Atom, the droplist of the ‘help’ menu is always v1.8.0.


How can i completely uninstall the Atom in Win10 OS?


Sorry, I have known the reason…:joy:


1.8.0 is the current stable version. The beta version is 1.9.0. 1.1.0 was released last October.

In order to completely uninstall Atom from Windows, you would delete the .atom folder as well as the AppData/Local/atom folder.