Can not input zero


I can’t input 0 after install package, because the 0 become a Keystroke.
Is this behave expected ?
Can I overwrite this config ?


What does your keymap.cson file say? It looks like something has happened to it.

That file is in the same place as config.cson, and can be opened in a menu item.



‘atom-text-editor’ : [
‘shift-left’: ‘editor:move-selection-left’,
‘shift-right’: ‘editor:move-selection-right’

‘atom-workspace atom-text-editor:not([mini])’:
‘shift-enter’: ‘editor:newline-below’


forceInline: [
telemetryConsent: “no”
fontSize: 18
userId: “3f68b100-7bb1-4db1-8bf8-cd500c0122bf”


Can you type the 0 button on keyboard to output 0 ? it isn’t work in Atom


Which package?


This seems not cause by which package, once I have custom keybindings settings.
The zero doesn’t work.


I think this issue cause by some old setting in .atom, I remove the .atom and reinstall atom, seems good now