Can no longer open a folder that was a project


I have been using the project manager package. On one project on my 13" MBP, it stopped opening it although another project worked fine.

So I edited the project file to remove it.

But now, even if I do an Atom File>Open and navigate to that folder, nothing opens. Nothing happens at all. I need to DRAG the folder to the Atom icon to open it.


This have happened me too, but shouldn’t have anything to do with the project manager. Try remove the files from the .atom/storage directory.


I tried that. If I file > open and choose the directory, I get the following, an “untitled” window in the directory.

If I open a file, I get just that file and the rest of the directory does not open in a sidebar as it should.


This could be unrelated to the package, since (as I said) I can no longer open folders at all with Atom


This is happening to me as well with package manager, and dragging a folder into atom icon on my dock. I have to do it twice and takes a bit to open. I noticed this after 0.124.0 update.