Can i use external python packages in Atom?


So in already “pip installed” tqdm but I get this error when i try to run the code fomr the cmd.

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “C:\Users\stasiek\Desktop\Atom-PYTHON\Python-ogˇ│\metro\”, line 1, in
from tqdm import tqdm
ImportError: No module named tqdm


How is this related to Atom?


If you used pip install successfully and are using python to run the script and getting a “no module” error, and you aren’t using any virtual environments, then the only explanation is that you have two versions of Python installed and the one behind the command python doesn’t have pip installed, so when you use pip install it installs to your secondary installation. Type python --version to see which one has been set up as primary.

(This is also relevant for many cases where someone tries to run a Python script within Atom and finds that a module is missing. It’s usually two versions of Python.)


How can I uninstall the unused version?


First, slow down. You’re on Windows, which doesn’t come with Python by default. That means that, if you do have two versions on your machine, someone put them both there on purpose. It’s very common to have multiple versions installed (usually one for Python 2 and one for Python 3) because there are still some widespread uses of Python 2. The first thing you should do is come to a satisfactory answer for why you have both in order to ascertain that you don’t need both.

After you’ve verified that there’s not a purpose for having both, you should find out which one you’re using and delete the other. Python installations typically have everything in one folder, so you don’t need to do anything fancy to remove it.