Can I use electron to launch a Express Server?


I built a small fileserver using nodeJS and Express. You start it with the command ‘my-file-server /path/to/directory/’ and it makes all the files in that directory available for sharing and downloading. It also comes with an API to help sort through large sets of files. Pretty basic stuff overall.

So far the developers have been using this just fine. They’re already comfortable using nodeJS and the command line to get this server up and running on their personal machines.

Now we have some non-technical people who need to use this as well. These are the kind of people who get noticeable uncomfortable as soon as you tell them to open a command line. So now I’m looking into putting this server inside an electron app. That way anyone can open the app, choose a directory via a file dialog, and just have it work.

So my question is, is this even possible? Can I have an Express server running inside an electron app? Or better yet, can I have the app launch the server as a background process?


Yes, this is possible. I don’t have any specific recommendations, though it shouldn’t be too terribly hard to do.