Can I use Atom to run just basic code?


I need to use just basic for my project but it is a windows only language, I was wondering if atom has support for it


Maybe this :confused: ?


Some quick Googling turns up Just BASIC, but I can’t find out whether or not it has any command-line interface. I downloaded and installed it, then opened the help documentation, and still no mention of any CLI access. So I’m guessing not.

The operating system doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that the interpreter or compiler can be reached through the system shell, and it doesn’t look like Just BASIC gives you that ability.


just basic is an algorithm based language and is a simpler version of liberty basic


okay thanks


I can’t help you with your original issue, but I think that this thread is a perfect example of why using proper capitalization is hugely important. Look at the subject of this thread: “Can I use Atom to run just basic code?” Interpreted on its face, the phrase “just basic” is two common words, and anyone reading the title of this thread will think that you are asking about only running simple code. The proper noun “Just BASIC”, on the other hand, communicates that “BASIC” is supposed to be the acronymic name of a programming language.