Can I Use Atom as a base for a Commercial Package Development


I would probably like to use the base Atom Editor to create tools that I can sll in the market … can someone advise on same - can I do that what are the terms etc.


Even if it’s legal under the license, I don’t envy someone who’s trying to sell programs written in HTML and Javascript.

Frankly, it’s really tough dealing with piracy if you’re selling precompiled binaries. If I wanted to do something like that, I’d feel like I had to do it over software as a service platform.

What was your plan for this? I’m really curious.


:slight_smile: I have a couple of hundred Ideas mate … but will look fwd to it if its legal ? … if some one can advise it should be good


If you’re serious about this, you need to consult a professional. There are few (no?) lawyers on this site, and that’s what you’d need. We can give opinions, but that’s all they would be.


Can you suggest any name ? I can post to them or like ping them ? is that possible


Having said that, atom and most but not all of its packages are licensed under the MIT license. That’s a very permissive license which says you can do just about anything except sue Github, Inc. or any contributor over the software


Gotcha !! it does say the below …

Permission is hereby granted to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
copies of the Software

So it should be good then … lets see :slight_smile: this is gonna be my first venture


What i am trying to do is … Use this as a base UI only. And develop commercial software …


Dude, this is built using electron. Have fun.

Caret is also built on electron and being sold for money.


What I am trying to do is Leverage Atom. I dont need to build in lot of things, i can re use them


Did you make anything?