Can I turn off the notifications?


I like this:

Don’t like this:

Is there a way to turn off the big nag notification and just keep the little informational notice in the bottom bar?


Not without disabling all notifications.



Thanks for the reply @jerone.

So then let me register an opinion for Atom devs (@benogle):

The first image in my original post to me is useful information that lets me WORK if I need to quickly WORK RIGHT NOW without doing an update that could certainly be put off till later when I am not in FIX SOMETHING NOW mode and instead am in housecleaning mode.

The second image is a nag that forces me to respond to it BEFORE I CAN WORK. I might be a little hypersensitive (ok, ridiculously, monomaniacally driven and non-multi-tasking), but this derails my mind from whatever mission I was on when I launched Atom and I experience that as pain (really).

Yes, I am aware that I can click the little X in the upper right corner and the nag will go away. But if I happen to open another window, I’m nagged (derailed) again.

I know that some people might like to be nagged and some people might not experience this as nagging and I don’t mean this as a criticism of those people. I’d just like to have a setting that lets me turn off these big, bright, overlaying notifications because for me the little informational notice in the bottom bar is perfectly adequate and never gets in my way. </rant>


Everyone has an opinion, which is great (makes us different) and with options we can make most people happy. On the other side, too much options isn’t good either. The beautify of Atom is that it’s open-source, so anyone can sent a PR or make it an package. Follow the link posted before and see what changed that made the popups show up.


If it helps, you can also use the core:cancel command (esc by default) to close notifications.


I could be totally wrong on this, but my understanding is that the ultra obtrusive outdated packages notification added recently is a temporary thing to encourage people to actually update their (in many cases, extremely) outdated packages before deprecated APIs are dropped in 2 weeks.


Yes, that’s my understanding too is that it is just a temporary measure to get things shaken out so the deprecated code paths can be removed, which has performance benefits.


As far as I know there are no plans to get rid of the obnoxious notification popups. I posted an issue on this topic and was shut down.

I have a number of places where this kills me. One example is when editing a less file. I save constantly while editing. Syntax error notifications pop-up constantly making it near impossible to work.


Please share the Issue. While the notifications package isn’t going away … I was talking specifically about the package update notifications. If you have an official answer on the package update notifications, I’d like to see it.


Apparently I wasn’t the original poster. It must have been just a comment in the issue. I searched for notifications but got 23 pages.

Does anyone remember when these notifications were added?


The big blue upgrade notification is temporary. I do plan on removing this upgrade nag when the deprecated APIs are removed. Many people are suuuper behind on package updates (even when they update atom!), so we are trying to flush the outdated packages from people’s systems so they dont have a worse experience when deprecated APIs are removed.


I’ll probably be the only one, but I like the update notice. I’m one of those persons that reads every changelog. Maybe making it optional with a setting after 1.0 is less work then removing it.


I tried to do that once, but it was really tough. How do you manage the to read the changelog of every package if more than one package is availble for updates?


I can confirm that @pjv isn’t the only “hypersensitive” Atom user who gets derailed from his mission when those popups appear.

Learning from @olmokramer that I can dismiss them with the esc key is helpful. But it’s unfortunate that the idea that it’s cool to deliberately distract users from whatever they’re trying to focus on has snuck into Atom.

Software engineering, and computer-aided productivity in general, involve intense, sustained efforts to maintain a lot of variables and state in one’s head at a time. Really, to maintain a mental model of a system. One must block out any distractions or obstacles that emerge - and there are plenty from the OS, our toolchain, our coworkers, social media, etc. We want our tool to complement our efforts to focus.

Other than this addition, I think Atom is great… I’ve got it open almost all day and use it for personal note-taking in addition to codebase editing.

I hope benogle means it when he says it’s temporary :slight_smile:


I apologize to everyone for the notification noise. We are currently going through a transition period with the API, and we’re trying hard to get all packages off the old API methods. In addition to getting the packages using new APIs, we need to get all the users using the updated packages. The upgrade nag notification has been super effective in getting people to upgrade installed packages. The nag screen will help drastically reduce pain when the next release comes out with deprecated APIs removed.

So to be clear, in the next release, the blue nag screen will go away, and will be replaced by a one time notification explaining which packages were not loaded due to using deprecated APIs. This new notification will only show if you are using packages that have deprecations.


Wouldn’t be more flexible to have a Setting for Auto-update packages, just like Atom Autoupdate?

  • If checked, the packages should be automatically upgraded
  • If not checked, remains today’s behavior

And about the Changelog for each package, I personally miss this information in Available Updates tab. Mostly because I like to know what I’m getting or missing when upgrading a package.


I’m considering a package to replace the giant notification pop-ups with a subtle icon in the status bar with a count of notifications. Then clicking on the icon will bring up the giant ones we see now. This is how almost all notifications work in all apps. This discuss forum software is a good example. (Look up).

Would anyone else use this? Is anyone working on it? Would core consider doing this and saving me the trouble?


@mark_hahn There’s some discussion of a similar concept here:


I posted my request for the simple icon and count in that thread.

Edit: @benogle confirmed that they had planned on doing this. Great minds think alike. (Of course it was obvious.)


Not without disabling all notifications

Can someone please tell me how to disable ALL notifications in Atom. Please? Popups are bad design, and they distract focus. For example, the goddamn popup on this site telling me “Welcome to Atom Discussion — thanks for contributing!”.