Can I turn Atom to a full C++ IDE


Thanks for trying to take this under your belt. This all is fairly out of my scope of knowledge, so I’m hoping it isn’t terribly difficult and is doable without tons of frustration.


Hey! I was able to create a package (on github) that might work for you. Please try it out.


I will try it now!


You shouldn’t make manual installations into packages/. Atom natively supports a more elegant solution: You can clone the repo, either in Atom or using git on the command line, then, from inside that repository, use apm link and apm install to make it look like a real package and install the dependencies.


I found that he had a command to install it via command line, but couldn’t make a follow up post for whatever reason that discuss was giving me. (only allowed 3 posts per some unit of time).


I would personally not use the command as written for the reason I’ve stated. You can drop code directly in packages/, and it might be that nothing bad happens, but there’s also the chance of a package (if you do this with one that’s actually been published) getting updated on accident and then you lose any changes you’ve made to the package code. With a package that isn’t going to be published or one where you make no tweaks of your own, it’s fine and not particularly risky.


Does Rust’s packages feel just as good as though yuo are actually using an IDE?


I wouldn’t say as good as a true IDE, but a massive improvement.

I don’t recall too much about it but Clion has a plug-in for Rust that basically gives you the entire full IDE experience and hits things that might be slightly lacking in atom ide, but since I’m near graduation, I’m moving away from non-free editors as my student licenses will no longer apply.

With atom ide and the ide rust package, you’ll get instant syntax error reporting, good autocompletion, command click to maneuver to definitions, fix it’s and warnings, ect. I think the only thing I don’t have is true debugging and being able to compile without going to the command line. But all of the ide features are reported by the tools built by the official rust team, so it’s all extremely stable and consistent. It’s the best ide package I’ve used under atom ide.


Have you used VSCode with Rust and its extensions before I want to compared that with Atom’s rust IDE??


You’re right - normally you shouldn’t just clone things into packages/. I was mostly instructing joe to do that just for a test. I’ve decided to simply publish the atom package and make note that it’s experimental.

@joe_04_04 I realized that sourcekit-lsp development status shows that there’s some issues using that language server with C-based languages right now. Once that changes, the ide-sourcekit package should work pretty well with C++. For now, it’s not working for C++. It works for Swift though.


You are correct. Swift seems to be working correctly on my end, with syntax errors being reported and such.


I would say that VS Code’s Rust package is pretty much the same as Atom’s IDE package, as I believe they are both developed by the Rust team, meaning that they both offer the same features. However, I notice that Atom’s IDE system responds MUCH faster to syntax errors and such than VS Code’s does, but this is just my personal experience and I can’t state that it is a fact. YMMV.