Can I turn Atom to a full C++ IDE


Atom is quite cool but there is no run buttons and it is not an IDE. Is there anything to turn it into a full IDE?

Debugger windows

Atom has no ability to process code, but there are numerous packages created by the community to allow for building and running code from within Atom. Just search in the package directory for the compilers you require and explore around to find out which packages meet your needs.

If you want to add buttons to Atom, the flex-tool-bar package is useful for that.


I don’t know what packages to get, could you please give me the link to em?


I don’t know what features you want. I also don’t develop in C++, so I don’t know what packages are best.

  • For it to underline red,

  • For it to have a play button to run your code within Atom

  • For it to autocorrect and have intelisense

Basically it would be nice to have all the features from an IDE.


Check out linter-gcc.

For it to have a play button to run your code within Atom

There are a variety of packages that can be used to run code. What I use is process-palette, which gives a lot of control, but many people prefer the simplicity of script. And then there’s gpp-compiler, which was designed specifically for C/C++.

After you have a code-running package that suits you, you can use flex-tool-bar to set up a button.

For it to autocorrect and have intelisense

autocomplete-clang will give you predictions.


linter-gcc is not working though I tried it and it is not working at all :frowning: Any idea how to fix this



This is the error I am getting


Have you installed MinGW?


Yes I have and it is located in the directory as specified in the image. I have installed MinGW-w64 (since I wanted the 64 bit compiler).


NEvermind @DamnedScholar, Linter-gcc is working :slight_smile: But I sitll need help setting up with the snippets please?


Script is a great plugin for running code
CMD-i on Macs runs your code
I use it for Python all the time.


I use cpp14 and nuclide, it covers very much of what I would expect from an IDE (the debugging is a little buggy), if you use CMake there is build-cmake.

I use more packages but these give a pretty good c++ support.

The ‘play’ button is a little more complex, I use the Nuclide terminal and run manually in a terminal inside atom.