Can I split tabs to go out of the Atom window?


I want to grab one tab and move it to my secondary monitor, but Atom seems to not allow me to… How, and can I change it?
That one on the right (with CS:GO knife) is part of my secondary monitor, on the left full main monitor. As you can see, I can’t move it, like for example in Visual Studio.

To me this function seems to be elementary, so why Atom doesn’t have it? Or, if it has, explain.


It’s not elementary. You’re just used to it from other applications you use. To make dragging a tab out into empty space spawn a new window, a lot of code is involved and it’s something that the Atom devs have not done, unlike the Visual Studio team. I don’t know whether they’ve considered and rejected it or just haven’t gotten around to it.

If you would like to try to figure out how to make it happen, you’re in luck. The implementation of tabs in Atom actually lives in a core package, tabs. Being in a package means that it’s easy to mess with the code that makes the tabs, and the engine that runs Atom is pretty extensively documented, so I’m sure it’s possible.


Sure thanks.
But, I thought it’s elementary, because:
Visual Studio
Adobe Programs (like Photoshop or Premiere Pro)
Unity 3D
Unreal Engine 4
do use this feature, and as I saw these features everywhere, I thought Atom should have it too.
Also, I don’t want to experiment with core packages, at least rn, as I’m not very experienced on Atom-related programming or C++. I know it, but not in case of Atom. Thanks for help anyways.


Atom is entirely programmed in JavaScript and anyone familiar with Node.js and the Electron API can perform very powerful actions from an Atom package.


Until it’s not. Not relevant here though, the tabs package is pure JS / CoffeeScript.