Can I run a ipython notebook program in a atom window?


Can I run a ipython notebook program in a atom window?



Can it be written with Javascript and Node?
Then probably yes.
If not, then not.

You might want to elaborate a little more on what your ipython notebook requires. Natively, Atom certainly won’t execute python modules, but it’s all a bunch of libraries you can import via Node, there might be a way.


If necessary you could always spawn a Python child process to run your code, but that would require the user having Python installed already or finding a creative way to ship a Python interpreter with your package.

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So maybe I can run my code like if I was in a terminal window, using python. Or, importing a package via Node…

I´ll try…

Thank you folks!

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The termrk package does a really good job at emulating a terminal inside atom. You can run python scripts, a REPL etc.


Check this package out:

Apparently it uses iPython as a dependency for in-line code execution:


That would be perfect! It´s really what I need!! But, I´m having problems in the installation of the hydrogen´s package…


Thanks a lot! I can run a python code inside atom now. I´ve already tested!


You’ll need to launch Atom from the command line and then install Hydrogen. I ran into the same issue earlier.


…Assuming all dependencies, incl. ZeroMQ, have been installed.


To answer the general question, there’s not a way to launch an IPython notebook in an atom window, though Will (Hydrogen dev) and I have certainly talked about how we’d approach doing notebook-like things in Atom (including writing a notebook on alongside Hydrogen and the editor. Right now I’m working on some building blocks to help make that useful across Atom, Electron, and web contexts. :smile: