Can I remap alt-p on Windows


Hi all,

I’d like to remap alt-p on windows.
I wrote the following in keymap.cson but it doesn’t work.
It still showed “package” menu.

I checked by key resolver(ctrl + .) but it doesn’t show anything when I push the alt-p.

'.platform-win32 atom-text-editor':


When you change a binding, you first need to unset previous ones.


I couldn’t replicate your problem:

This isn’t true. Keybindings can (and should) be overridden through specificity and cascade order. No unset! required:


Maybe I did something wrong, or maybe it’s an issue with complex keybinds, but when I was trying to help @trusktr turn cmd-k into something else, I tried to use specificity to beat all the various navigation keybinds that are attached by default and it didn’t override them properly. I trust you and will have to do more extensive testing when I get the chance.


That is a slightly different task. What @melito00 is asking for above is for key combination X to do something different than what it currently does. What @trusktr was asking for is for key combination X to do what key combination Y does now and key combination Y to do nothing. It’s the second step in that process that requires the use of unset!.