Can I manage context-menu of atom editor?


When i installed many packages, the context-menu can be really long, full of toggles of those packages. I want to hide some of items, can i do it? Or can atom add a feature to manage context menu, like managing key bindings.


Atom has an API for managing the context menu and it should be possible for an script to go through and remove certain items from it. How would you like to indicate to Atom which items to remove?


I will have a look. But if it can provide an interface like keymap, using a list, it would be better.


Do you want to completely override the context menu, or just remove certain items?


Remove certain items. I have seen that api, but it only have a method to add, and no method to get or remove.


Yeah, you can’t use the API for that. You have to edit the atom.contextMenu global object itself, which is probably doable, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out.