Can I Disable the Matched Bracket or Tag Animation?


Hi there.

I’m very new to Atom but love it so far. However, there is one huge thing that is driving me nuts. It’s the animation of the bracket or tag matcher. I turned off the Bracket Matcher package and that turned out to be the problem. However, I do like that it matches, I just don’t want the animation.

The animation is a pair of yellow squares with a green dotted bottom border, that starts from the line number in the left gutter, and animates to the right, where the brackets/tags begin and end.

The most annoying thing is when working in PHP. Say I create a function; function(). Well, with every keystroke in the parenthesis, that animation happens. I type 20 characters inside the parenthesis, that animation happens 20 times! It’s enough to delete the app.

I really hope someone can help me disable this function. If you can tell me the place in the main code to disable it, I’d really appreciate it.



I don’t see anything like the animation you describe. What syntax theme are you using?


OK, I’m a proper idiot. It turns out that it was one of the Xcode themes I was using. But I had to change the theme and then restart the app. The behavior was being transferred to other themes for some odd reason. However, once I quit and relaunched the app, (and rebooted my Mac just to be sure) things seemed to reset and now the behavior changes with the changing of the the syntax theme.

I’ll go into the theme and see if I can turn it off because I really like the theme.

Thanks for responding, Lee.



What I would really love is a Webkit theme. There aren’t any right now, so maybe I’ll try making one.