Can I decompose ligatures when the cursor is at/in them?


I use FiraCode with ligature support in Atom, and for the most part it’s very nice.

However, I find it very difficult to edit ligatures. For example, I often need to change <$> to <*> in Haskell, but Atom does not show where in the ligature the cursor is, and I often lose time erasing the wrong part of the ligature.
Similarly, I will often try to delete the space before an arrow -> , but I end up deleting the first dash - because the cursor is shown beside the ligature, even when its actual position is in the middle.

Ideally, when the cursor was at the edge of, or inside a ligature, it would be rendered not as the single character, but as the actual simple characters which make it up.

Is this possible? If it is not, consider this a request that it be added, or at least supported in a package.



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