Can i create a window display like a wallpaper with electron?


Just like my topic. a window under the desktop icon.


I don’t know of any program that creates a window underneath desktop icons.


I wrote something like this before.
But can’t apply the same time system startup.
It will show the origin wallpaper, and then apply to bitmap in electron browser window


I suggest you try this repo with electorn first.


Thinks, help a lot.


Any progress I will very happy to know :slight_smile:


This repo make an impression, but it has a bug, i have two screens, when i detached my wallpaper, it will leave a window mark on sec screen, only reboot will clean that.
I don’t know any C#, so i have to watch some API to fix it, and i need my wallpaper support mouse events.
Still thanks, but i need to lean some C# and a lot of company work to do, i can’t make any progress In a short time, but i will keep you posted.