Can I create a distribution of Atom?


Hi there,

Just installed many great packages of Atom for writing Python numpy stuff, and I wonder whether it is kosher that I could create a “distribution” of Atom integrated with all of my favorable plgs, so that my friends and colleagues can download my distribution of Atom to use it for Python numpy.



Not only is it kosher, but there are three such distributions that you should look at to guide yourself in setting up yours: Nuclide by some developers at Facebook who wanted an environment tailored to their needs and React, PlatformIO for embedded systems developers and electronics hobbyists, and Juno for Julia users.


Wow, terrific! Thank you so much! Love Atom!


I’m not sure what process the above distributions used to build off Atom, but one way to create a “distribution” in the sense of bundling your favorite plugins, would be to create an Atom package that lists the plugins you want as dependencies, using atom-package-deps. See:

Atom’s “star” functionality may also be useful: