Can i add custom color to colors.less?


I work on my new syntax theme for Atom.
Can i add custom color to colors.less, or not?


You can add whatever colors you like.


So currently my method of doing this, is having some example code, then going through inspect element and selecting a comment, changing the syntax color, selecting a string, changing the syntax color, selecting a function, changing the syntax color… Is there an easier way to do this? The three things I’ll be working with are HTML, CSS, Node if that helps any. I’m really not wanting to syntax color each one of those individually, more or less just wanting to change the over all color syntax theme my Atom uses. Is this what colors.less does? If so, where can I get a skeleton as I can’t seem to find where mine is located at…


You should browse through existing syntax themes before you try to recolor everything yourself. Once you find a theme you like, you can learn about it by looking at its source code, and when you’re ready to make your own, you will have a basis for what classes to include.