Can Electron run on the website w/o downloading anything?


I am sorry if this may be a stupid question, but I was just wondering if electron can be launched as a website too. I may be wrong, but looks like it runs electron app on the website by just going to the url without even downloading their app.

If this is true, is there any documentation/tutorials on how to go about this?


You’re misunderstanding what Electron does. Electron packages together the parts of Chrome that know how to display web sites and the back-end functionality of NodeJS. When putting together a web site, there is absolutely no need for Electron because the user is (presumably) already using a desktop application that understands how to display HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The Discord web site is just a normal web app with Node behind it and whatever front end framework they use.


Oh ok I understand so electron is just used to make is a convenient way to make a desktop app w/o having to handle internet explorer, firefox and all other browser but all in one with node.js built in. In Discord’s case, they used the app to display their frontend. Ok thank you that makes a lot more sense. So, if I ever need to create a desktop app I will need to learn electron for sure to conveniently display my website. And the electron app can’t do more functionality then their web version since it is HTML/JS/CSS and what I can do on the app, I can also do for the web disregarding handling multiple browsers like electron can. And please correct me if I am wrong! Hopefully I got it right thanks so much!


Node can also directly manipulate the filesystem of the machine that it’s running on. A web app can’t accomplish that.