Can dragging tab outside editor window open a new window?


This is one of my more leaned on crutches with sublime text, but when I drag a tab outside of the current window with sublime, it opens up a new window with the selected file.

This allows me to quickly do side by side editing etc.

Drag something outside?

I would love a feature like this. I also tried dragging tabs out of the window.


I was about to open a thread about this - I think this is absolutely needed, it is basically common practice to support this.

Furthermore, I think dragging a tab from one atom window to another should move the tab, regardless of where the tab was dragged to (right now, the tab MUST be dragged to the tab bar, which is additionally hard because clicking a tab to start the drag brings the window to the foreground, which means if the two atom windows overlap this is basically impossible)


+1 – Tab management actions should work like Chrome. Drop tab on desktop = new window, drag tab from window to window to move tab.


How on earth does Atom not already include this?


+1 and bump. any recognition on this by devs? This is one of the biggest missing features now.


There is an issue open on this here:

For an idea of what the development team is working on, check out the FAQ, specifically the section on the Roadmap:

What is the Atom team working on?

Check out Issue #2448 on Atom Core for information on the Atom team’s short-term targets.


Good deal, thanks. @leedohm


It is July 2015 and I cannot still drag my tab outside the main window:(


is it possible to drag something out at all ?


+1 for this one. Sometimes files just need to be dragged out into another workspace, another monitor, etc.


Still waiting for this pull request to be merged…