Can credentials for GitHub push/pull operations be saved?


…instead of having to enter them every time?


Do you have a credential helper installed on your system? If not, then you can subscribe to this issue where this enhancement is being tracked:

But if you do have a credential helper and you’re still getting prompted, feel free to share the debugging information asked for in the issue (/cc


I do have a credential helper installed, but it’s not working here for some reason. Will share some debugging info on the GitHub thread when I can get some generated.


Thanks for confirming - almost forgot that there was an issue identified related to paths that might be something to take a look at too. You can see that conversation here:

If that matches your setup, you can try the workaround mentioned by Ash.


Thanks @rsese – I looked at that. My git-exec path was not in PATH, so I appended it as suggested and relaunched Atom, but still not working.