Can atom save files so I don't have to?


When I close atom it asks me if I want to save my new files, changes, etc. In another popular text editor (we all know which one) you can just close the editor and when you next launch it everything will be like you left of, unsaved changes AND new documents. This is extremely convenient. Is there any way to do this in atom?


Duplicate of this topic:

Closing this as duplicate in 24 hours unless there are any objections.


No objections, but that thread you pointed to isn’t conclusive, all it is people saying that it not working for them either,


That’s correct. The feature you’re requesting doesn’t exist as of yet, but we try to keep all discussion related to a given topic in one place so that people don’t have to read fifteen different sets of posts to get the full story.


Take a look at my most recent post on that thread: Saved workspaces

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