Can Atom be IDE?


Hello everybody I am very new to Atom and I really enjoy it :slight_smile: Since I write in C++ is there a way that I can compile my code?


I have not seen any packages that compile C++ code inside Atom.
The only thing I could find is this add-on for the Linter package, but that only helps you lint your code while writing it. It won’t actually compile it for you.


There is also this topic that has links to many other topics of this type:


Here are two packages that will let you build via makefiles:


Thank you all for the fast replies :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


It will be very little effort needed to make an atom build distro with all IDE features , provided by packages .


There is also this package for gdb debugger support if you are working with C++. I don’t know how active development on this is though.


atom crashed in linux , need help ! i have re installed it again ! but the problem remains !


Try deleting or renaming the ~/.atom folder and restart atom.


Hi, this might not be the thing you want, but I use this package

Basically it will let you make a terminal-console, so that you can do this:

gcc hello.c

#11 check this out. lets you run scripts from atom editor. you can run c++ code too


use gcc-compiler package , download in the package and run it


There’s now a FAQ about building code in Atom:


You can try this
You need install gcc/g++ and copy package into folder .atom.