Can atom and its packages be used for commercial purpose


Can atom (both windows and mac version) and all the packages that come with atom be used for commercial purpose ?


Atom (core) uses the MIT license. So do all the core packages. Community packages will need to be checked on a case by case basis.


I am on the mac. under the atom menu i clicked on the view license menu.

I’ve noticed that some packages are not MIT. so for things like (@binarymuse/relay-compiler@1.4.0 and CSSselect@0.4.1) the license is other than MIT.

Can these packages also be used inside of atom for commercial purpose ?

  • Atom is multiplatform, so being on Mac is irrelevant

  • Packages that are not MIT are, well, not MIT. They are whatever license they say they are. In the case of @binarymuse/relay-compiler@1.4.0, it is the BSD license. This means to use that particular package / module, you need to follow that license.

  • In general, Atom has a lot of dependencies. You will need to make sure you follow the license of each one.

  • All of what I say is coming from the Atom FAQ, the actual license files in the project, and reading what the license lets you do.

  • I’m not a lawyer. If you are really trying to sell Atom, I suggest speaking to one who knows this area of law.

And personally,

  • I think selling Atom would be a questionable thing to do. What would you be offering that Atom doesn’t already?


By commercial purpose, i mean, use atom and all its packages for creating software. I do not intend to sell atom. And quite frankly, why would i ?

All i want to do is use atom as a code editor to write code for creating software. So in that sense can i use atom and its packages (whatever license they be) for commercial purpose ?


…that’s what Atom is made for…

I thought you were asking if you could sell it in some way.