Can Atom add two configuration keys for indent and for tabstop


Hello guys,

Today Atom ident with tabLength configuration key.
I suggest this indent is with a new configuration key as indentLength.
The tabLength can be used for create tabstop in the body.

Example: indentLength=2 tabLength=8

First line
  second line with two spaces indent
    another line with           height spaces           tabLengt
      another line              with spaces or tab      to tabstops

Thanks a lot, Papilip


This doesn’t really make sense as a feature in Atom core, or any of the official packages, as I don’t really see how you’d make this work for all scenarios. And besides, this is such a niche feature. I’d guess less than 2% of users would use this feature. The rest would just be confused and/or annoyed.

My suggestion is that you make a package that offers this functionality;


Thank you very much, your answer to the merit of being clear.
I will follow your suggestion.


Let us know if you need any help with the actual creation of package, run into any issues or what not. Even though I doubt this would make much sense as a core feature or official package, I want to make sure you have a good experience creating it.

Best of luck!


Thanks @thomasjo for your time to response me.
I am a beginner in creating package, but I’ll learn. It is a challenge for me. I dream of this function for so long time.
Don’t worry, if i have any question, i think that i can talk on this forum.

Thanks again, Papilip