Can anything cause Atom to uninstall itself?


I was running Atom all good, pretty much using it as my only editor, and then yesterday, after simply restarting my laptop, the entire thing is now gone! I can’t find it in /Applications or any log files. It’s like it was never there :frowning:

Has anyone had this issue? Could anything cause that?
Any ideas on where to look for traces of the application?


There should be a directory ~/.atom/ which is where Atom keeps its user-specific settings (and installed packages, etc.).

How long did you have it running? It is possible you forgot to move it to /Applications and were running it from ~/Downloads.


Cool. Thanks. Found some config leftovers in the directory. At least that much is left, which is good.
The app was most definitely in /Applications, but I was running it since the first release day, who knows… The sucky part is, I cannot re-download it using the old invite. Will see if the guy who invited me in the first place could resend.


Try #3 here first …


This just happened to me, updating from 0.85 to 0.90 (is that too big a leap? I don’t close my editor, much)

Atom downloaded the update, but when I asked atom to restart, it never started; and Atom is gone from my applications, the command line utils are gone – Atom has uninstalled itself entirely.