Can anyone Help me guys.How can I recognized the cmd as my internal or external command?



What happens if you open the Run dialog and enter cmd?


what do you mean?. running a code in cmd?. Cause when I open the cmd and.I start to code like "Hello World’. It works, because I already installed Java. But in atom It wont run.


I mean that you should do exactly what I said and tell me if it works or not. I didn’t ask for you to run code in the window that pops up.


okay, so where I can enter the cmd?, in the script? just like this? .


Please follow the link I posted to find out how to open the Run dialog. Unless you’re not on Windows 10, in which case it’s easily Googleable.


I never thought that is the link haha. but i see it now, I’m on windows 7 actually.


Like I said, it’s easily Googleable.



okay I’m on it. thanks for the response.


And you should read the link @idleberg posted. If cmd doesn’t work from Run, that answer is most likely your solution.