Calling COM interface on Windows


I have a project that needs to interact with COM on Windows. I’d like to use electron/angular for this project if possible. Is there a way for electron to interact with COM on windows?

I guess an alternative would be to write a simple CLI app to act as a proxy between electron and COM, but I’d rather do it directly if possible.

The project does not need to be cross platform. I just like using angular/html5 because I like the platform and I like the felxibility HTML has in how the app looks without having to get to crazy designing my own WPF controls.


Electron can do anything that Node can do. I haven’t used it, but the serialport package seems like a good place to start.


Has anyone used the winax nodejs module? Looks like it can call COM objects.

Sierialport isn’t quite what I was looking for. There is another one called winole, but it’s not actively being developed and I’ve found some posts saying it doesn’t work well with current Electron unless you jump through hoops to recompile.