C/C++ debugging package?


There doesn’t seem to be a package enabling debugging of C/C++ code within Atom itself.

I’m not the only one who’s hoping for some gdb integration, am I?


I agree, a package with gdb integration would be very helpful for C/C++ developers. But I can also imagine it is a lot of work to make something with enough functionality that is easy to use.

(Right now I’m mostly using gdb in the command line via the terminal package but it seems like development on that package has stopped :disappointed:)


Check out term2 for a terminal package that’s still being updated.


It would be nice to be able to debug C/C++ programs from inside of Atom editor, but we need it in more generic way - we need some “remote debugging API” support, so other languages (static or dynaic, compielr or interpreted) could be debugged equally easily.

But having GDB/MI commands support would be a good start.


I just made this : https://atom.io/packages/atom-gdb

It sets breakpoints in a .gdbinit file then runs your favorite gdb front-end.

It is not really debugging inside Atom but I think it is useful though.


I’ve found atom-gdb very useful. No issues so far.


Anyone knows compiling and running C++ code inside atom??


Does atom-gdb has any user manual to debug C/C++ application?


Does Atom editor supports cross debugging(gdb & gdbserver) for C/C++ applciation?


No it doesn’t, atom-gdb just sets breakpoints for gdb.
Please refer to gdb manual to debug your applications


Hi @gogoprog

I can’t find the manuals for atom-gdb.

Can you please guide me?


There is a package called ‘gpp-compiler’

For windows make sure MinGW is installed. Read the package help.