Button and drag'n'drop events don't work


Hi All,

I have an app made with Electron, and works perfectly in my old notebook with Win7.

Now I cloned the code with git in my new win10 notebook, installed node.js and made “npm install”.
When I try to execute it by “npm start” the app opens, but nothing works, neither the button, and neither the drag’n’drop area that exists in my app.

One curious thing is that when I execute the executable, made in the old notebook, all the functionalities work perfectly. But I need to change somethings in the code now, so it isn’t a solution for me.

Someone could help me? Maybe is this a installation problem? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance


It might help if you shared the code so that people here could see what’s going on.


I found the problem.
When I cloned the code in a new notebook, it downloaded Electron version 5.0.0 with npm, and the version that works with my app is 4.1.0.
So I fixed the Electron version in package.json and works fine.

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